The Vacay Box
The Vacay Box
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The Adventurer which is a remote controlled vibrator. The vibrating part is develop to fit into most panties. This way you can go exploring whereever you want with the Adventurer. At home, out in the public with your partner or somewhere you feel comfortable - Though we do recommend to try it outside the bedroom to spice things up!

This Adventurer has 12 different vibration settings. Switch it by pressing the on/off button, it starts vibrating as soon as it is switched on. The button with the circle on the remote control can be used to change vibration settings and the vibrations can be paused with the pause button. Enjoy!

The Campaigner is a cute small buttplug and a perfect starter for you who wants to try bootie play. Remember to always use lube!

The Entertainer
These dices is a fun way to get the evening started with your partner. Grab a few drinks and throw the dices and be ready to be challenged.

EDC Lube
Lube is always useful and sometimes we feel there is a misconception with lube. Lube is not just about going from being a bit dry to wet but it’s just as much about making it wetter and better. We see it more as a good to great and therefore we include some lube in this box for you.