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Do you have a better lovelife with L’Amourbox? Do you have better sex with L’Amourbox? Do you have more sex with L’Amourbox? These and 20 more questions we asked you back in June and now we can finally share with you “Lovefacts with L’Amourbox”! We start of easy with some facts. The youngest members is 17, the age president is 72 and the average is 29 years old ❤️😍 next lovefact coming up next week 😘 #lovefacts #lamourbox #moretocome
Soon the wait is over! ❤️ On Wednesday we are shipping the new August box and we can’t wait to share it with you! 😍 Actually we got a lot of new things going on for the new A completely new type of box, a partnership with another company that we are sure you will love, and most of all we have developed our own product for this box. What’s not to like 🙌? And if you are not already a member you know where to go ❤️ Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! #lamourbox #lamourboxdk #august #countdown
L’AMOURBOX is here to make every Monday feel as magical✨, romantic ❤️and full of passion as Friday💋 ! #mondayismyfriday 📸 @melviinsmamma
Sunday kind of love!❤️ Every breathtaking moment starts with a touch!
Perls are girl’s best friend! Won’t you agree?💋